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WordPress gives the site administrator the power to approve, delete or edit comments left by site visitors. Comments may or may not be enabled on your site depending on how you have the settings configured. To manage the comments, click the Comments button from the sidebar of your dashboard. The Comments edit page displays the author, the comment and the post it was submitted to.

When hovering your mouse over a comment, several action links will appear. You can approve or unapprove the comment. When approved the comment is displayed for your visitors to see, and when unapproved the comment displays as pending for later approval.

You can reply to the comment. When Reply is selected, a text editor is revealed allowing you to respond. When your response is completed, select Reply and your response will go live. You can click Cancel to delete your response before sending it.

The Edit Comment link allows you to edit every element of the comment including the author’s information, the comment itself, the status from the status module, and deleting the comment by selecting the Move to Trash link.

You also have the ability to mark items as spam. This action can be undone at any time by visiting the Spam section, hovering over the comment and selecting Not Spam. You can also permanently delete the comment by selecting Delete Permanently.

The final option is to delete the comment by placing it in the trash. Items placed in the trash can be deleted permanently by visiting the Comments Trash page, hovering over the comment and selecting Delete Permanently, or click Restore and the comment will return to the Comments page awaiting further instruction.