13For a newcomer to the blogging world, it can be very intimidating. This is especially true of sites like WordPress. Off the bat, it can seem like running your own site on WordPress is going to take a lot of work. Well, that’s true. Running a serious blog, like any other site, takes a certain level of dedication.

There are tons of useful features on WordPress that aren’t obvious to new users and might go overlooked. Here, we’ll go over a few that are quite helpful and are an advantage to any blogger, whether they’re a newbie or a veteran.

Future Posts

Most bloggers prefer to follow a schedule for publishing their posts. They might post monthly, weekly, or daily, but it’s important for them, and their readers, to maintain a regular schedule. WordPress has a feature that allows you to set a date and time in the future that your loaded post will go public. Once you have a stock of posts locked away in your inventory, you can use this feature to schedule them to be published later so that you don’t have to be at your computer or even in your house when the post hits your site. Setting this is simply a matter of hitting the blue “Edit” option next to where it says “publish immediately.”

Edit Your URLs

WordPress will automatically set the URLs for your posts, and generally speaking, they do a pretty good job with this. However, there may come times when you need to edit the URLs to make them easier to read.

The URL will likely have a few symbols mixed in, for example, a dollar sign or an ampersand. These symbols will make it harder for search engines to read and can cause problems in browsers that may stop your pages from even loading.

The URL usually reflects the title of your post, which might hinder its search engine optimization. For example, if this article were titled “A Few Tips For Newcomers to the World of WordPress,” the URL would probably look something like this: “a-few-tips-for-newcomers-to-the-world-of-wordpress.” That’s a bit long, so you might want to shorten it to something along the lines of “wordpress-beginner-tips,” which is much shorter and easier to read.

Editing in WordPress

As a blogger or writer, you’ll want to, and will, become very familiar with WordPress Editor. There are a few features that will come in handy, and knowing them now will make starting out much, much easier.

There’s an “ABC” at the top of the Editor; that’s spellcheck. Although you shouldn’t depend too heavily on spellcheck, it’s a useful feature that many people might miss. It also comes with a drop menu for other languages if you aren’t writing in English.

If you ever need to copy some text from Word, you might notice that it comes out in the wrong size or color when you paste it. Click on “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink” to find “Remove Formatting.” This will make your life much easier.

Stay tuned for more tips in the future!