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If you’re serious about your online business, or you simply care about leaving the best possible impression on your visitors, you should definitely consider getting a premium WP theme.

Premium themes offer several important advantages over their free alternatives, most of which we will discuss in this article, as well as showcase some of the most popular themes available online.

Let’s start by addressing the most obvious factor with paid themes – the price.

Why on earth would anyone choose to pay for a WordPress theme when there are thousands of other themes being offered for free just around the corner? To answer this question, we first have to establish the fact that free stuff isn’t always cheaper.

Tell me – would you rather invest some money in a dependable car that gets you where you want to be without breaking down every couple of miles, or get a free one from your relatives and having to spend your entire paycheck on keeping it mobile month after month?

The similar applies to all things in life, and WordPress themes are no exception to the rule.

Investing $10 or $20 in a premium WP theme could very well turn out to be the best thing you will ever do for your online business. Why, you ask? Well, let’s see…

First of all, premium WP themes boost user experience and website credibility, which are both crucial factors in improving your traffic conversions. In fact, NOT having a proper website theme could end up costing you thousands of dollars of lost sales per month.

Secondly, premium WordPress themes are much more secure and safer to use. Many free themes include hardcoded links to other sites that you have no control over and sometimes even compromise your data and steal personal information.

Also, WordPress releases new updates every so often, which brings up theme compatibility issues. That’s why all premium themes come with a lifetime of support and updates.

Even more importantly… you want your website to be unique, right? That’s pretty hard to accomplish with a limited set of customization features that free themes offer, especially when you consider the fact that so many people will be using the exact same theme you decide to use.

There’s only two ways to handle this problem – either hire a professional web developer to design a custom theme for you (which can be very costly), or get a premium theme and play with the settings until your website looks totally unique – it’s up to you!

OK, so what are the cons you might ask? Every coin has two sides. Well, the only real disadvantage to using premium themes is that you can’t “test drive” them. Unfortunately, you first have to “buy” the theme before you can play with it.

On the flipside though, you can always check out the “live-demo” of any premium WordPress theme to get a feel of how it looks like in action. Besides, most themes are actually quite cheap. You can find amazing quality templates on Themeforest for as low as $30!

Keep in mind that once you purchase a premium theme, you can use it for all your future websites, because all it takes is a little creativity and you can tweak your customization settings to get a seemingly brand new theme every single time.

Top 3 premium theme providers:


ElegantThemes is certainly among the best (if not THE best) premium WordPress theme providers on the market. The reason for this lies in a brilliant design coupled with an extreme ease of use, as well as very accessible pricing. Currently, you can gain access to all 81 themes for just $39/year!
This membership package comes with all updates and support included, as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee and when you consider that most premium themes cost more than $40 on their own, this is an opportunity well worth your consideration. Here are some examples:







One of the main characteristics of StudioPress themes is really awesome coding job. Although the themes are not as fancy and vivid as the ones of ElegantThemes, the code is much cleaner and search engine friendly, which is why a lot of people choose to go with this theme provider. Examples:





9ThemeForest has become increasingly popular over the last year, which is no surprise when you consider that their themes are right there with ElegantThemes judging by design, and the prices are also very affordable (averaging around $45/theme). Theme count climbs up to 1700+ and new ones are being added every single month. Unlike the membership model with ElegantThemes, when you purchase a theme with ThemeForest it’s yours forever with a lifetime of updates. Have a look:


11 12




Whichever theme provider you choose to go with, make sure it suits your needs, preference and (of course) budget. Most premium theme providers offer a money back guarantee, so you won’t be stuck with a theme that you don’t really like.
Also, remember that having a premium WordPress theme is much cheaper than not having one…



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