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Depending on your theme, trying to transfer text from Microsoft Word into WordPress can create a few formatting problems that can be time-consuming to get rid of later. This is because Microsoft Word inserts HTML into the text you are importing, which will likely spoil the look and feel you originally intended for your post.

You’ll notice that my Microsoft Word document has proper spacing, good bullet points, and a lot of different formats. However, when I pasted it into my document here in WordPress, it doesn’t quite look the same. Luckily, WordPress has formatting options built right in that will take care of this for us.

To get started, go into Microsoft Word and highlight all of your available text. You can copy this to the clipboard by typing control C on a Windows computer or command C on a Mac.

Next, we’re going to import this text into WordPress, but instead of just pasting it in the content editor, we’re going to use a built-in function in WordPress that’s especially designed for importing text from Word. To get started, make sure the second row of your formatting options is available by clicking the show kitchen sink button in the far right of the current toolbar.

Next, in the middle, you’ll see a button that has a clipboard with a W. This is paste from Word. Clicking this button will open up a popup window.

If we paste our Microsoft Word text into this box, we will retain all of our formatting options that we previously had. Notice how we have bold text, underlined text, proper bullet points, et cetera. We’ll go ahead and update our post by clicking Update in the far right corner. When we refresh the window we see that our changes have taken effect and our document looks very similar to the way we had it in Microsoft Word.