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Embedding media content from external websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Google Video and WordPress TV is easy. Simply paste the media content URL on to its own line in the visual editor. The system will automatically convert the content for you based upon the type of media you have entered.

If you would like the media to display on a line with other content, you will need to wrap the URL with an embed tag. The embed tag is composed of an open square bracket followed by the word embed and closed out with a closing square bracket. Include this at the beginning of your URL in place an open square bracket followed by a forward slash followed by the word embed and the closing square bracket at the end of the URL. This tag will tell the system to convert the URL into its media format.

Many of these sites will also give customizable embed tags if you have specific video parameters you would like to set. You will want to place this embed code into the text editor. When you are finished, click on the Preview Changes button to preview the changes or click on the Publish button to update your content for immediate use.