WordPress Tutorials – How To Create Menus
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To create a custom menu, go to Appearances in the sidebar and select Menus. Type in a name for your menu and click Create Menu. Select your new menu and the theme’s location box and click Save.

The Custom Links box allows you to add a URL from another site and create a label that will be displayed on your site. Hit Add to Menu to add this link to your site.

The Pages box lets you choose from your most recent pages or you can select View All to see all your pages. Just check the boxes that you want to include in your menu and hit Add to Menu. Similarly, you can view all and check boxes to add categories as well.

Once you’ve added items to the menu, you can reorder them however you like. Click and drag items to the right to create submenus for the item above. Clicking the dropdown arrow lets you see more options for your items. If you wish to remove an item, simply hit Remove in the red text. Clicking Cancel will remove any changes you’ve made to the item.

For more menu options, click the Screen Options tab at the top of the page. Once you’re done, don’t forget to click Save Menu to save all your changes that you have made. To see your changes, hit your website’s name at the top of the page.