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To add files to your website’s media library, navigate to the left-hand sidebar and go to Media and then Add New. If you’re already looking at the media library, the Add New button is located next the title at the top.

This window gives you a couple of options to upload media into your website. If your browser permits, you can simply drag a file from your desktop or another folder into the window or you can select the Select Files button to upload the old-fashioned way. If for whatever reason your browser is having a hard time with this multi-file uploader, you can always try the browser uploaded instead, which is an older version of this feature.

I’m going to go ahead and drag this image into the window to upload to my website. You’ll see a progress bar as the image uploads. And then once it had started crunching, if you want, you can edit the file by clicking Edit. This brings you into the Edit Media screen where you can make modifications as you wish.