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To access the image editor, go to Media on your sidebar and select Library. Find the image you want to edit and click Edit. This is where you can see and edit information about your image. Clicking Edit Image will bring you to the image editor.

The buttons located above the picture allow you to edit your image. You can rotate the image clockwise, counterclockwise, flip the image vertically and flip horizontally. You can also undo and redo all of your actions.

If you wish to crop your image, simply click and drag on the image to select the part you want to crop. You can then click the crop icon to crop out your selection. There’s a useful help link in the crop section that gives you information on keyboard shortcuts, aspect ratio and crop selection. Don’t forget to click Save after making any changes to your image.

You can resize your image by clicking Scale Image. This will display the dimensions of your image first in width then in height. When you enter a new value for either, the system will automatically calculate the other to maintain the aspect ratio. Click on the Scale button to make your change.

If at any point you decide you want to revert the image back to its original state, just click Restore Original Image. To finalize all the changes made to your image, go to the Save box and click Update.