WordPress Tutorials – Using Image Galleries
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The gallery tools in WordPress make it super simple to add amazing photo galleries to your website, allowing a customized grid view layout of photos to be presented, as well as the popular option of allowing guests to flip through images one at a time. It works great with list style posts and it can easily drive traffic up on your website as well from all those new page views.

To get started, we’re going to be using this quick sample post that I’ve set up and we’re going to add media in the post content editor. You can see thumbnails of images that have already been uploaded in the past here. On the left side of the window you’ll see Create Gallery. Clicking that will allow you to select multiple images at a time to be inserted into the gallery. I could simply click the images to select them, but instead I’m going to add a few new images for this post by simply dragging it into the window.

When the upload completes, all newly added images are selected automatically. You can modify details on the right side here or just click Create New Gallery when everything is selected to how you’d like. This will shift the window into a slightly different view where you can now work exclusively with the images that are part of your new gallery. You can rearrange the order of the photos by simply dragging them around in the order you’d like, and you can also insert a caption on each individual photo as well.

If you’re wanting your guest to be able to flip through the images one at a time, you should select Attachment Page in the gallery settings on the right. Alternatively, you could just have the image open at full size when clicked, which would bypass any layout for your site. You can choose the number of columns for your photo gallery in this dropdown here, and if you’d like the images to appear in a random order each time, click this checkbox. With all of that set, hit Insert Gallery to insert this gallery into your post.

Inside the content editor, the image gallery appears as a placeholder and you can place other content above or below it as you would like. Let’s take a look at what this sample gallery looks like on the front end. As you can see, I’ve got the images and the column slideshows all in one page. Clicking one image opens that image up on its own page. With this theme, above the image there are links to progress forward to the next image or back to the previous one. Using this simple tool, you can create easy-to-use galleries in WordPress in no time at all.