How To Start A Poetry Blog

So you’re a writer, and your favorite type of writing is poetry. You have journals upon journals (or endless numbers of Word documents) filled with your adventures in prose. Now, you feel like you’re ready to start sharing your poetry with the world. What can you do, short of being published? In this article, we’re going to explore how you can start a poetry blog.

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If you are looking to start a poetry blog, there are a few things you should do in preparation.

  • Look at other people’s poetry blogs. This is a huge part of the blogging process, especially if you want a blog that other people are going to be looking at. Check out how people set them up, how often people post, and how involved the bloggers are with interacting with commenters.
  • Get involved in poetry communities online. If you want people to know about your site, get involved with poetry communities. Post some of your poetry on forums to get critiqued. Learn who the “people to go to” are and how they do what they do. Being a part of a community before you start blogging will help get readers to your site once you start doing so.
  • Establish which platform you want to use. There are several blogging platforms you can use to start blogging. Do some research, pick your favorite, and sign up! Make sure your user name is relevant, by the way.

Have you decided how you want to set up your blog? Now, it’s time to prepare your blog for the masses. Here are some tips that can help you get started.

  • Categorize your current poetry. Do you have current poetry you will be posting? Put them into categories, see if there are any recurring themes. This can help you build tags that you will use frequently on your blog.
  • Stagger your posting. If you have a lot of poetry backed up, don’t clog up your blog with all of it. Stagger your posting – even if you put all of your poetry on the site, then change the posting dates to dates in the future so that people have a reason to keep coming back and seeing what’s new.
  • Start linking your posts on social media and the communities you’re involved in. This is why getting involved prior to blogging was important. Put your blog link in your forum signature on poetry forums, post your new posts on Facebook or Twitter, and get people looking at what you have to say.
  • Always keep writing. This can be hard – writer’s block is a definite danger, which is why staggered posting is often helpful in the prevention of writer’s block. Keep writing, keep being creative, and keep imagining, and your blog will be a success!

Think you’re ready to jump into the world of having your own poetry blog? Then go for it! Take the dive and start your journey with your own poetry blog. Who knows, you may go viral with some of your words of wisdom.



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