Online Video Profits

How creating your own videos can put money in your pocket.

What draws people to the internet?

The reason most people go online is to GET INFORMATION. For many people time and attention spans limit what they’re willing to look through. Information needs to be presented in the most effective, to-the-point, easy to access format. For many people, this means video.

Online informational videos vs e-books.

E-books are a great way to get self-published and to sell information online. For many online visitors, however, videos are a quicker way to get the information they need. Many find videos easier to understand and quicker to learn from. Informational videos have these advantages:

  • Personalization. Videos allow you to “look your visitor in the eye” and speak one on one with them. You have the advantage of speaking expressively and demonstrating your trustworthiness.
  • Demonstration. With a video you can to walk your visitor through steps in a process. Replacing an instruction guide with “hands on” teaching, this is the preferred choice for many.
  • Speed and ease of publishing. It takes less time and effort to talk about something or create a physical demonstration than it does to write about it and go through the editing and publishing processes.

Is there a downside to informational videos?

An e-book is more likely to be accepted as a product that commands a price tag. Most expect to be able to pull up videos from Youtube for free, or find them as free inserts on other web pages.

How is money generated through informational videos?

There’s several ways your video can earn you income.

  • Selling a product you promote. A video can be your most powerful and economical advertising medium. You can use it as your how-to-use guide, but it can also be used to demonstrate the amazing things your product can do or produce.
  • Advertising revenue. You don’t even have to approach advertisers. Youtube will provide the ad and place it at the top of your video. You’ll earn 70% of the commission that’s generated from your views.
  • Embedded URLs that lead viewers to your website. A video can allow you to embed your website link in an inoffensive way that automatically drives traffic to you site.
  • Affiliate support. You can use videos to promote what your affiliated vendors are selling. You can also embed your affiliate links or advertising either in your video or alongside it.
  • Selling to educational sites. If you’ve got something to teach, you may hook up with a site that pays for educational videos.

With any other type of online message, your success will be based on delivering what your audience wants to see. In the case of the internet viewer that means a relevant, engaging message that gets straight the point and is clear and easy to understand. Dragging out your message to keep people viewing is likely going to have an opposite effect, so keep your videos brief and to the point.



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