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In this tutorial we will take a brief look at all of the tools listed visual editor’s toolbar. The first icon is the bold icon. Clicking on this will make your text bold. The next icon represents italics. Clicking on this will italicize your text.

You can strikethrough your text by clicking on the strikethrough icon. This is typically used to show errors or changes made to your post.

Clicking on the next icon will create an unordered or bulleted list. While the following icon represents a numbered ordered list.

The quote icon allows you to create a blockquote. Highlight your text and click the blockquote icon.

The following three icons represent alignment. You can use these three icons to align left, center your text, or align right.

The link and unlink icons allow you to link your text to another page or post on your website or to an external website.

The insert more tool allows you to create a break in the page to give a shorter preview in your post listings. This tool may or may not affect your site depending on the way your site is set up.

The next icon is used to toggle on spell check. The full screen icon allows you to edit or create your content without distractions by eliminating the sidebar and all other modules.

The kitchen sink icon reveals another row of tools for editing and formatting your content. The first is a styling dropdown menu for adjusting the style of your post’s content. You also find underline in this second row of icons. Clicking on this will underline your text.

Justify is the next icon. This will align every row of your text from the far left margin to the far right margin.

The next icon allows you to change the color of your text. Use the paste plain text box to insert text from another text editor and remove any formatting that may have occurred in the other editor.

The paste from Word icon allows you to paste in text formatted in Word and maintain all of the styling you may have laid out in your Word document.

The remove formatting tool removes the formatting from a targeted group of text by clicking on this icon when text is highlighted.

You can insert a custom character such as the copyright sign and the trademark sign by clicking on the custom character icon, then select from the list. You can outdent and indent your text with the outdent and indent icons.

The remaining icons are the undo and redo icons. Clicking on the question mark icon will pull up a visual editor help menu to help answer any questions you may have about the visual editor.