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Visitors like seeing a wide range of content on your website. Thankfully, WordPress makes it easy to provide just that by adding images to your posts and pages.

To get started, navigate to the Upload Media button above and content editor’s toolbar. This popup box gives you several options for adding media to your post. To upload images from your computer, simply drag the image from your desktop or another folder into this window. You can also use the Select Files button and browse it the old-fashioned way. If your browser is having a problem using the multi-file uploader here, you can always try the old browser uploader instead.

I’m going to go ahead and drag this picture of a dolphin that I took into the window. You’ll see a progress bar on the thumbnail. When it completes, you’ll see a thumbnail of the image, a button to upload more photos if you want, and some details over at the right. It will show you dimensions, allow you to change the title and the caption of the image, as well as provide alternate text if a visitor can’t see the image.

The Attachment Display Settings allows you to set other types of image properties such as its alignment as well as the URL that the image links to. By default, if a user clicks the image, they will be taken to the image directly in its full quality. You can change that by going to Custom URL and then providing the URL you would like the image to link to.

When everything is as you’d like it to be, go ahead and click Insert into Post. You can click Preview Changes to preview the changes before you make it live on the web or click Update or Publish to publish your changes