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To access your media library, go to Media in your sidebar and select Library. Here, you’ll see all the items that have been uploaded to your library. You can upload documents such as PDF files, graphic images, audio files and video files. Any media uploaded in the past including those from posts and pages will be available on this list and can be used in any future post or page.

Hovering your mouse above an item will display a list of commands. Clicking View will display a preview of your media file as a post on your website. Clicking Delete Permanently will display a popover dialog box confirming whether or not you want to delete this item. Any media that is deleted cannot be restored.

Clicking Edit will bring you to the edit page for that item. If it’s an image, it will be displayed at its full size. On the right you will see a box with all the information for your image along with Delete and Update buttons.

Above the image is the title, which you can change at any time. Below your image are several text boxes that allow you to edit your caption, alternative text for those who can’t view media, and the attachment page content, which lets you add a description for your image. The Edit Image button brings you to the image editor which we will go over in another video.