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Categories are a tool designed to organize your posts. Separating your post into categories makes it easier for your visitors to search through your site’s content.

The Categories menu can be found by clicking on the Posts button from the sidebar of the dashboard, then clicking Categories. To create a new category, type a name to describe the style of post you will be organizing under this heading. Create a slug, the URL-friendly version of the name. This should be lowercase with only letters, numbers and hyphens. Then create a brief description of what your site’s users may find when searching through this category.

Categories can also operate in a hierarchy. You can create a broad category such as music and then create child categories such as jazz, rock and folk.

On the right-hand side of the screen, a box displays a list of all the categories you have created for your site. This box gives you valuable information about your categories such as the description you have listed, the slug and the number of posts listed in this category. If you click the number listed here, it will take you to all of the posts marked in this category.

Click the name of the category or hover over the name and click Edit from the action menu, and the category edit page will appear. Edit the name, slug, parent category or description and click Update and the information will be saved.