Privacy Policy

We consider the guests at Website Tutorials to be very important and will protect their privacy at all times. This privacy policy describes the personal information that is received and collected at the website of Website Tutorials and how this information will be used.

Log Files

Log files are used by Website Tutorials, just as many other websites. Some of the information that is collected on the log files include the type of browser being used, the IP, or internet protocol, addresses, the internet service provider, or ISP, the pages that refer you to the page and the exit pages, a stamp of the time and date the site was accessed, the site administer, the number of clicks used for analysis, information about demographics, and the movements through the site. Certain pieces of information, like the IP address, do not directly like to a personal ID.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Cookies are used at Website Tutorials so that we may store specific pieces of information about the pages that are accessed by our guests, the preferences of our users, the information that is sent by the user from their browser, or specific customized webpage information that is dependent on the specific browser that is being used by the guest.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

Google serves as a third party vendor and sends ads to Website Tutorials using cookies. Using DART cookies, Google can send specific ads to Website Tutorials that are based on the visits to this site by the user and the other sites the user may visit. All users have the option of opting out of the DART cookies by going to, which will provide full details about the privacy policy for Google in regards to content network and ads.

The ad networks and servers from the third party ad networks make use of special technology within their links and ads that are placed on Website Tutorials to send specific information right to the browser of the visitor. This does provide the IP address for the visitor. The third party ad networks use technologies like JavaScript, Web Beacons, and cookies so that they can measure the effectiveness of their ads. These things also allow them to personalize the content that is being sent to the visitors.

The information that is collected by the third party advertisers is not accessible by Website Tutorials and Website Tutorials does not have any control over them. All visitors should review the privacy policies of the third party servers to gather specific information on the use of the information that is gathered and how to opt out of these practices if they desire. Website Tutorials has their own privacy policy but it does not apply to the information that is gathered by these advertisers or websites.

A visitor that would like to disable cookies is able to do that in their own browsers. They may also see more detailed information about how to manage cookies using their browsers specific website.